Propzie Turbocharges Growth In New York’s Starta Accelerator Batch 6

2 min readSep 8, 2018
Propzie at Starta Accelerator

Nothing happens in a vacuum, and for Propzie, this is especially true. Our company was founded on sharing — properties, that is — and it only makes sense that we would now share ideas with a bigger audience. As a growing company, it’s a necessity, and as part of the Starta Accelerator program, it’s a privilege.

We’re proud to participate in this season’s Starta Accelerator. The premier Euro-American startup accelerator is already on its sixth “batch” of founders, and it’s unsurprising that the company itself has also broken some boundaries in its own space. Just like the property-sharing market, which first relied on a network of forward-thinking individuals willing to push boundaries, Starta relies on the innovation of a group of creative, talented individuals willing to “change their space.”

Our space is the rental market. As an innovator in our field, we have taken property management software and “turbocharged” it. On a single platform, a landlord or property manager of any size (and in any location) can subscribe to receive service (such as cleaning and restocking) from vetted providers for every guest visit. The traditional short-term rental issues with service providers are solved with Propzie, revealing operations that are smarter, safer, and smoother than ever before.

As part of our participation in Starta Accelerator, we’re working in New York for three months to build our products, acquire customers, refine our pitches, and adapt to a new pace. This culminates in demo day, where the fruits of our hard work honing our product goes on display. Coming to New York as part of Starta’s Acceleration Program marks another phase in the growth of our company, one that we believe will streamlined Propzie’s internal operations and provide brand recognition that new companies like ours can only dream of.

Propzie CEO Daniel Detoni and COO Yari Carrizo

Working with such a talented group of entrepreneurs can and will change the future of Propzie. Through mentoring, networking, and dedicated time honing our product, we’re excited to see what comes next — not just with Propzie, but with the 22 other companies who’ve already come so far.




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