Stay Here Reinforces Short-Term Rental Permanence

Stay Here Netflix TV Show

Netflix’s show Stay Here has got people talking. The program, released this fall, focuses on short-term rental property renovations across the United States, highlighting overhauls on both properties and on their marketing strategies. The properties are incredibly unique, the hosts distinguished… and it’s both a feast for the eyes and a learning experience. Neatly wrapped up to stream and available now, Stay Here is what we’re watching this season.

Our favorite episodes aren’t what you would expect — instead of the initial crowd-pleasers, we found ourselves drawn to the traditional short-term quandaries, like “Austin Pool Pad,” in which a pool, lovely exterior, and perfect location still didn’t cut it. These are the kind of issues that real short-term landlords face, and ones that we see every day at Propzie (spoiler: in addition to redoing the property, it took enhanced property listings to really make the most of the location).

Now Matter How You Slice It…

The show may be getting a fair deal of commentary from fans and critics alike, but it does speak to the incredible staying power of the short-term rental market… and how anyone can start to see profits with the right model (for one, five, or more properties!). For example, one Somerset, England-dwelling events planner bought a cottage with plenty of charm, and now he’s renting it out over the summers when he’s not there. His cottage includes off-street parking and has a garden, and he couldn’t be happier with how much he can offset his mortgage payment monthly. Another couple highlighted by the same publication rented a two-bedroom annexe in their modern, eco-friendly home. And in some ways, renting out the property also serves as a way to “show” it each time.

You’ve Got A Plan — Now What?

When you have the property, it doesn’t get that much easier without the right tools. Instead, you hit a whole new set of roadblocks that only begin to reveal themselves as you navigate the short-term rental market (not to scare you, but there are a lot of things on the horizon when you start renting). When you’re not a pro and you don’t have the time to study up, it’s important to find someone who has the tools you need.

That would be a company like Propzie, which automates the rental process to help individuals and companies keep profits big while keeping “hands-on” time to a minimum. You can choose vetted service providers from a master list, and while you’re at it, choose “add on” services like toiletries and guest services. But don’t take our word for it — read what our customers have to say.




We are a PropTech Startup Changing the Real Estate Rental Market and the Hospitality Industry.

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We are a PropTech Startup Changing the Real Estate Rental Market and the Hospitality Industry.

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